Handwerkliche Fertigung von Tages- und Abendgarderobe für den Herrn, unter Berücksichtigung traditioneller Schneiderkunst, der Arbeit nach Mass und einer sorgfältigen Auswahl von Tuchen in unserem Atelier.


The roots of TRADITION capture the idea of re-collecting plants,
herbs and cultural memories.

Products are manufactured in limited batches with a traditional, artisan approach.

The ingredients and fundamental substances are selected,

harvested and extracted with consideration of organic and natural aspects.

Established recipes, passed down through generations,

are intensified and complemented by a novel aquiration of concentrates and essences,

thereby renewing their context and making them essentially modern.

Refined consideration is not only given to the actual product but also to its habitat,

manifested in the development of Bakelite screw caps,

the acquisition and application of rare linen string and distinctive paper.

In a semi-annual term, the edition of products is extended and supplemented.

Available are: German Oak Bath Oil, Elderflower Shower Gel, Bavarian Sausage Hand Soap,

Meisterwurz and Honey Handlotion, Wheat Beer Hair Shampoo, Schnaps Muscle Tonic,

Concentration Tincture, Regeneration Oil Bath, Mushroom Handlotion, After Shave Balsam,

Pickled Fruit Body Wash, Vinegar of Thieves Conditioner.